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near Milford Sound, Southland (New Zealand)

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The Milford Trail is considered by many to be the best trekking in the world. It can be done by free or on a guided route. We chose this second possibility. It is more expensive, but the level of attention during the route on the part of the guides and, in general, of all the personnel of the private huts is excellent; In addition, the hotel facilities and the quality of the food are also excellent. Taking into account this excellence we are inclined to confirm that, indeed, this is the best trekking in the world, or at least the best we know. And with difference !.
It is possible to go trekking in different stages, especially when done by free. We have made the route following the schedule made by Ultimate Hikes, which is available on the internet, so we will not extend much on the detail of the itineraries, and we prefer to give the importance they deserve to the photographs that show the reality of the journey .
The execution time lasted for 5 days, although only the 3 central days are for walking exclusively. On the first day we made the approach by bus to Te Anau Downs, and here we boarded a boat that took us to the head of Lake Te Anau, from where in a short walk of about 1.6 km (not picked up on the tracks that we present) we arrived at the Glade House hut. After depositing our belongings in the rooms, we started a walk through the nearby forest, where the guides explained various peculiarities of the flora and geology of the area.
After dinner, sleep and breakfast, the next day, we began this stage that would take us to the hut of Pompolona following the course of the Clinton River, through a valley of extraordinary beauty, largely due to the river itself. The first section, until the Hirere Falls where we stopped for lunch, runs through a beautiful subtropical forest, but even more beautiful was the river, with innumerable pools of water with almost incredible colors and reflections. On several occasions we take lateral detours to visit wetlands, protected areas of endemism or public huts.
The route, in progressive but smooth ascent, is long but in no case is it a strenuous challenge. A short detour allows you to reach Hidden Lake, and further on Prairie Lake, where you will find a suitable place for bathing, in the opinion of some and not so much for others. Soon after starting the march, the forest thickens and the valley adopts a more typical form of the glacial valleys; in the background the Mackinnon Pass appears, and there is only a short climb to reach the Pompolona Hut (we were told that Mackinnon had visited Pamplona before embarking for New Zealand, and that is where the name of the place comes from, where one of the shelters he founded, for a man named Quentin may even be true).
In our opinion, this stage can be described as a moderate difficulty, despite its length. The excellent floor and the very gradual rise in general, until the final stretch, do not pose any challenge. A warning however, the official theoretical length of the stage has nothing to do with the total distance traveled each day (and each day), because a multitude of side paths lead us to viewpoints of exception, or public or private huts that are in the way, and this lengthens the final count quite a lot.
Assessment?. Man, ..., it's the best trekking in the world !. What are we going to qualify for? That is, if you want advice, and you can follow it, try to do it.


  • Photo of manuelruizapatero

    manuelruizapatero Feb 11, 2018

    Primera etapa del Milford Track, el Lodge es el de Pompolona, en realidad era Pamplona, pues Quintín Mckinon la visitó antes de 1888..... Preciosos bosques de hayas y agua a mansalva.

  • César Argilés Jun 10, 2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Todo el recorrido del Milford Track es de una belleza inusitada.
    Pisas la tierra como si fueras un descubridor del siglo diez y seis

  • javeadeverano Oct 23, 2018

    Rio Arthur y Milford sound, entre los mejores paisajes del mundo.

  • luis.perecruz Nov 30, 2018

    Comienzo de una fantástica ruta multidia por el río más bonito del mundo

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