Time  one day 4 hours 42 minutes

Coordinates 4606

Uploaded July 18, 2016

Recorded July 2011

2,797 ft
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19.54 mi

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near Árneshreppur, Vestfirðir (Lýðveldið Ísland)

We had tried to do this the year before but after camping on Hrolleifsborgarháls in really bad weather had given up and descended to Reykjafjörður in fog. This time the weather cooperated.

We might have been able to complete the trip in one day but it was getting very late (approaching midnight) so we decided to camp on a fairly flat gravel field on the flanks of Miðmundahorn.

Bag Drop

This is where we left our heavy backpacks at around six in the evening


You are actually supposed to wade across the fjord, not the river. The tide seemed a bit high for that so we did the river - and it was OK.

Camp 1

This is where we started this part of our hike (we had spent the previous night in Drangavík) - one of my favourite camp sites on the left bank of the river Meyjará.

Camp 2

It took us a bit of time to find a suitable place to camp, there was a lot of snow. Eventually we settled for this fairly flat piece of gravel.

Camp 3

Our destination - Reykjafjörður. A wonderful palce with a 25 metre swimming pool and a hot tub - as well as fantastic views. It doesn't get any better.


Finally at the top! I had been there only once before, that time wew did it on cross-coubtry skis across the ice cap from Kaldalón.


If we had had time we might have done Miðmundahorn "en passant" but as it happened we climbed it a couple of days later from Reykjafjörður.


Another day, another glacial river to cross. Before getting to the river itself we passed a little brook that was comfortably warm. It would of course have been more welcome had it been across the river so we could warm our frozen feet in it - which is exactly what a group of foreign hikers were doing.


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