8.89 mi

Elevation gain

2,398 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,398 ft

Max elevation

5,256 ft



Min elevation

4,176 ft

Trail type



4 hours 34 minutes




December 28, 2018


December 2018
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5,256 ft
4,176 ft
8.89 mi

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near Metsovo, Epirus (Greece)

Metsovo Mountains, Ursa Trail

Metsovo-Karakoli 1480m-Politsoara Plateau-Kaligomeno Aloni 1593m-Vale Di Liosani-Metsovo

( Για κείμενο στα Ελληνικά παρακαλώ κοιτάξτε παρακάτω ).

This is a Circular hiking route that covers the NW part of the 40km long, Certified Ursa Trail around Metsovo town. The Ursa Trail is also called 'At the Bear's tracks' Χνάρια της Αρκούδας in Greek. The route follows clear and well marked trail but also parts of scenic dirt roads. This NW part of the Ursa Trail moves mainly in a beech forest area and also reaches the highest peak of Metsovo Mountains, Kaligomeno Aloni 1593m. Beech ( Fagus orienatalis and Fagus sylvatica ) is a tree that grows in north and cold climates, and Greece together with Sicily in Italy are the southermost points of it's expansion. Specifically, Grammeni Oxia Mountain in Central Greece is actually the southermost point in Greece. * . This route has been recorded in December. The pictures between April and September will depict a world of green, while between October and November a world of brown, yellow, red and green. Further infos on the route can be read at the text in the Waypoints. There is no need to carry much water, there are three fountains on the route. There is an annual Trail Running event held each May on the route.

Distance: 14.3 km
Elevation Gain: + 730m

-The official webpage of the route:
- * A route in Grammeni Oxia Mountain can be found in the following link:
- Routes for the peaks of North Lakmos, that hold prominent views in most part of this route can be found in the following links.

Όρη Μετσόβου, Ρ3 Στα Χνάρια της Αρκούδας ( τμήμα του Ursa Trail ).
Άνω άκρο Μετσόβου-Καρακόλι 1480μ-Οροπέδιο Πολιτσιοάρα - Καλιγωμένο Αλώνι 1593μ-Βάλε Ντι Λιόσανι-Άνω άκρο Μετσόβου.

Μονοπάτι Στα Χνάρια της Αρκούδας. Πρόκειται για κυκλική διαδρομή 14 χιλιομέτρων που καλύπτει το ΒΔ τμήμα της ευρύτερης διαδρομής Ursa Trail (40 χλμ) . H πρόσβαση πραγματοποιείται από το άνω άκρο του Μετσόβου. Τα τελευταία χρόνια το μονοπάτι έχει αρχίσει να αποκτά ευρύτερη απήχηση, ενώ είναι κατάλληλο για όλα τα επίπεδα. Τέλος είναι και αρκετά όμορφο.

Επίσημα το μονοπάτι αρχίζει από την πλατεία του Μετσόβου αλλά καθ΄οτι η κίνηση εντός του χωριού δεν έχει ιδιαίτερο νόημα, η συνήθης εκκίνηση πραγματοποιείται από το προανεφερθέν σημείο. H διαδρομή καταγράφηκε Δεκέμβριο με τοπίο χιονισμένο και παγωμένο. Σίγουρα πάντως, ντυμένο στα πράσινα χρώματα της ύστερης Άνοιξης, ή εκείνα του Φθινοπώρου, θα παρουσιάζει αντίστοιχο ενδιαφέρον. Η διαδρομή είναι πυκνότατα σηματοδοτημένη και διανύει εκτενή τμήματα δάσους Οξιάς. Συγχρόνως προσεγγίζει την ψηλοτερη κορυφη των Ορέων Μετσόβου ( Καλιγωμένο Αλώνι 1593μ. ) ενω προσφέρει εντυπωσιακή θέα στο βόρειο τμήμα του συγκροτήματος κορυφών του Λάκμου. Για τροφοδοσία νερού υφίστανται τρείς πηγές ( ανάλογα waypoints ).

Συνολική απόσταση: 14,3 χλμ
Θετική υψομετρική: + 670μ


-Η διαδρομή Ursa Trail είναι σηματοδοτημένη πεζοπορική διαδρομή 40 χλμ που σχηματίζει κύκλο περιφερειακά του Μετσόβου. Οι διοργανωτές έχουν προβλέψει την διάσπαση της διαδρομής, σε τέσσερα επιμέρους τμήματα:
Α. Μέτσοβο-Χ/κ Ανηλίου. 11 χλμ
Β. Χ/κ Ανηλίου-Ανήλιο-Μέτσοβο 12,9 χλμ
Γ. Μέτσοβο-Πολιτσιόρα-Μέτσοβο 7,7 χλμ
Δ. Πολιτσιόρα-Βάλε Ντι Λιόσιανι-Πολιτσιόρα 10 χλμ

-Η παρούσα καταγραφή ουσιαστικά περιλαμβάνει το σύνολο των δυο τελευταίων τμημάτων, αφαιρώντας την πορεία από το κέντρο του Μετσόβου μέχρι το σημείο εκκίνησης της παρούσης ( το οποίο κινείται εντός του οικιστικού ιστού ).

- Στην διαδρομή πραγματοποιείται ετήσιος ( Μάιος) αγώνας ορεινού τρεξίματος.

Γρηγόρης Τζομάκας

View Point I

A small plateau-balcony, offering nice view to to the South-West. A few seats. At 39.76660N, 21.17563E

Trail Enters Beech Forest

The trail continues trough beech forest for the first time. At 39.77242N, 21.17180E

Beech Forest Dirt Road

The route folows a long traversing dirt road in a beech forest.

Bridge / Deviation to Kria Vrisi

The trail crosses a small wooden bridge at the middle of a plateau. Continue South on a bare slope. 100m deviation to the east for Kria Vrisi Fountain. At 39.78324N, 21.15279E

Bridge / Vale Di Liosani

The route reaches a wooden race station in a nice spot within the forest. It crosses a wooden bridge and continues S-SE on a dirtroad. At 39.79138N, 21.14524E


A clearing 1370m elevation. A few seats on a rock. At 39.77045N, 21.17284E

Creek Beech Forest

The trail descents towards the East, in a beech forest by a creek. At 39.79032N, 21.13973E

Crossroad / Go Left ( E )

The dirt road splits. Choose the left fork ( East ) and continue on a small descent in a plateau. At 39.78433N, 21.15180E

Dirt Road Karakoli Traverse

The route enters a dirt road that traverses Karakoli summit from the north.

Dirt Road-Trail

The route leaves the dirt road and continues right ( NE ) on a trail through the forest. It then reaches a clearing and aims towards the visible summit.

DirtRoad South of Vale Di Liosani

The route follows a dirt road in a beech forest. At 39.79052N, 21.14766E

Fir-Beech Trees Corridor

The trail passes through a flat narrow corridow between fir and beech trees. At 39.77472N, 21.16974E

Forested Summit 1572m

Deviation to a non prominent summit. 1572m elevation approx.

Fountain / Clearing

Stonework Fountain by the trail. Clearing. Continue on a dirt road through the beech forest. At 39.77278N, 21.16029E

Fountain / Sign / East Politsiore Plateau

Fountain. An informative sign regarding the route. Continue north on a dirt road. At 39.77766N, 21.16285E

Kaligomeno Aloni 1593m

Kaligomeno Aloni Summit, highest of Mestovo Mountains and the highest point on the route. Sign and an antenna. Nice view towards the northern peaks of Lakmos ( Peristeri ) Mountain. The Mavorvuni peaks ( west flank of Valia carda are also visible ). Timfi mt as well. At 39.77373N, 21.15308E

Karakoli 1480m / Old Ski Lift

Karakoli 1480m summit. Old Ski lift upper station. Continue on a relatively steep descent in beech forest towards the NW. An attention sign marks the trail. At 39.77584N, 21.16777E

Kria Vrisi Fountain

Fountain. Kria Vrisi in Greek means Cold Fountain. At 39.78345N, 21.15418E


Metsovo Town. Tavernas, Hotels, Mini Market, Atm.

Metsovo Memorial / Pante Algine

Starting point of the route 1250m. The marked trail starts off from a WWII memorial situated at the upper entrance of Metsovo. Parking a car is possible at the side of the road.

Plateau Politsiora / Kiosk

Politsioras Plateau's southern tip. Signs, seats, shade and a kiosk. Continue west on a dirtroad. At 39.77519N, 21.16277E

Ridge Trail I

The densely signed and clear trail moves along the ridge. Mixed forest.

Ridge Trail II

Point on the route, north of Kaligomeno Aloni Peak, that runs on a ridge with nice view towards the North. Clear trail.

Sheepfold / Tarmac Rd

The route passes by a sheepfold and crosses a small tarmac road. It descents south on a dirtroad. At 39.77951N, 21.16130E

Ski Piste Pr.Ilias

The route meats a former ski piste and descents for 80m on it. It then leaves the piste and ascends to the right ( East ) At 39.78241N, 21.15356E

Ski Track

The dirt road reaches a ski track and continues it's descend on it towards the East. At 39.77565N, 21.16909E

Stands / Viewing Point / Livadorahi

Stone build Stands wit a view. Nice spot for a pause. At 39.78645N, 21.13882E

Steep Descent / Viewing Point to the Plateau

The trail descents in a beech forest and exits on easy clear slope. View towards the Politsiora Plateau from above.

Tarmac Road Metsovo Highest Point

Tarmac Road. Metsovo-Grevena old road. Follow it for 450m in order to reach the starting point. At 39.77248N, 21.17617E

Old Ski Staion / Tavern

The route passes by an old Lift Station and continues on trail for the road bellow. A tavern can be found at the basefloor. At 39.77370N, 21.17616E

Turnimg Point / NW Tip

Turning Point on the Route. The trail leaves the ridge on a saddle, and continues towards the East. It descends into a beech forest. At 39.78896N, 21.13513E

Uphill Trail

The route turns right ( West ) on an uphill trail with a few wooden stairs. At 39.77839N, 21.16370E

View Point / Ridge

Viewing point towards SW on the ridge trail. At 39.78086N, 21.14728E


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