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near Mesachie Lake, British Columbia (Canada)

This hike takes you around and through the Cowichan Lake Forest Research Station. The section through the Research Station proper (between waypoint #11 and #25) has restricted access. You are advised to contact the Research Station prior to hiking this section to make them aware of you intentions. Their phone number is 250-749-6811.

The slopes on this hike are gentle and the trails clear and well maintained.

The beginning section of this hike is through mature forest. If you follow some of the side trails here you can see some amazingly large trees. Once you get down to Lake level there are nice views over the lake to Bald Mountain. At waypoint #9 there is a small beach where the Cowichan Lake and River Stewardship Society has done some repair of the riparian zone to make it more fish friendly.

The Research Station in its heyday was set up with well labelled displays to explain to the public what was being done there. Sadly, this has fallen into disrepair but there is still some signage explaining what you are looking at. The local chamber of commerce has a brief history of the station at:

Active research still continues at the station and you may encounter folks who are engaged in this activity.

Retreads Hiking Club gives this hike an AVA rating of 2B.

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