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Recorded July 2015

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near Tyinholmen, Oppland fylke (Norge)

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We made the famous routes of Bukkelaegret and Bessenggen in two days in a row. They are both of moderate difficulty. There is some area where you have to lay your hands and climb a little, but without great difficulty. We went with very good weather. The two routes are very popular and busy. You meet people of all ages, including ten year olds.
These routes can also be done independently, doing on any of the two days. It is not necessary to do the two followed as we did. They are very accessible.

In our case:
- First day: We arrived in Gjendesheim by car and left it there in a car park that charged about € 11 / day. We took the boat that takes you to Gjendebu right there. You have to check the schedules on the Internet because they are not every day the same. We took the ticket in the same boat. The journey will be about 45 minutes. Very pretty.
Once in Gjendebu, we take a walk, first a stretch along the shore of the lake, then climb the Bukkelaegret slope up the steep slope. Everything is pretty well marked. There is some small section very steep in which there is a chain to help hold you, but without difficulty. Once up you are walking and with little unevenness in a wonderful landscape. At the end, you get to the Sjurdtind (1300m) and from there steep descent to the refuge of Memurubu, where we had booked a room online. It is very expensive, but 'luxurious refuge', we go that if you want you can have room for you, with bath and clothes of bed and everything. You do not have to carry a sleeping bag or anything like that.
This journey is not very long, and it is not necessary to hit the big early morning to start walking, since it is done well, and then in the shelter there is not much to do either. Of course, dinner early, at around 7:00 p.m.

- Second day: This day you have to get up early, there is a lot to walk. We had breakfast and at about 8:30 we started walking. This section is the famous route of the Bessenggen, the most popular in Norway, and it is an absolute beauty. Of course you will be walking with enough people, but it does not matter, it is essential to do it if you are in the area. It has a famous step, that you have to climb, with stunning views. Great.
In the end you end up in Gjendesheim, in the same parking lot where we left the car.

If you do not have two days, to do only one, you have to do the Bessenggen. Then take the boat in Gjendesheim but get off at the refuge of Memurubu.

I insist Essential in a trip to Norway.
  • Photo of Gjendebu
  • Photo of Gjendebu
  • Photo of Gjendebu
Parada del barco desde Gjendesheim. Inicio de la ruta.
De aquí parte el barco.
Parking fee, about € 11 / day, where you can leave the car. The route just ends here. It is next to the jetty.
  • Photo of Memurubu
Refugio genial. Perfecto para hacer esta ruta de dos días.
  • Photo of Sjugurdtind
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    prachtige omgeving. de meeste stukken zijn wel makkelijk maar de berg op en af is moeilijk. Advies: ga niet tijdens regen of veel sneeuw val

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