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Uploaded July 5, 2008

Recorded July 2008

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near Kievietsduin, Zuid-Holland (Nederland)

A splendid walk through the beautiful dunes of Meijendel. A mix of open dune area and woodlands with lots of small attractive sandpaths. Part of the walk is through a restricted area for which you need to pay a small entrance fee at the visitor centre at the start of the walk. A detailed description of this walk (in dutch) is on my site

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Boerderij Meijendel
Bird watch
Viewpoint with bench
Kijfhoek entrance
Marker 4
small gate
Marker 26
Marker 25
Marker 23
Marker 22
Marker 21
Crossroads, marker 17 - Crossroads, marker 17
T-junction, marker 19
In the woods, a nice old double-trunked tree
T-junction, red marker
T-junction near parking
Stairs to viewpoint
T-junction with bench
Wooded clearing with bench
Junction with small path
Meijendelse Berg, viewpoint


  • Photo of remco2008db

    remco2008db Dec 31, 2016

    Thanks for sharing! I love that area and will use your trial to make a longer walk next time. Regards, Remco

  • Photo of Remivdh

    Remivdh Jan 28, 2018

    Dank voor de route inspiratie.

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