• Photo of Maupiti LongerLoop Blazing a Trail Hike

Time  5 hours 28 minutes

Coordinates 1376

Uploaded August 29, 2020

Recorded August 2020

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1,289 ft
-66 ft
5.37 mi

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near Petei, Leeward Islands (French Polynesia)

The path/trail on Maps.me hasn't been used or marked in quite a while so after the top this became an adventure. Couple of wrong turns that ended up at steep drop-offs but in the end we managed to end up at the correct exit. Loose rock and over dead branches made this a non-flip flop hike after the top of the mountain.

Check the OpenStreetMaps to see where the trail was supposed to be. :)

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  • Schub51 Sep 27, 2020

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Good walk, but really difficult, as it is told, during the second part.

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