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  • Photo of Matelot River Circuit
  • Photo of Matelot River Circuit
  • Photo of Matelot River Circuit
  • Photo of Matelot River Circuit

Time  6 hours 14 minutes

Coordinates 1759

Uploaded December 15, 2018

Recorded December 2018

837 ft
15 ft
9.11 mi

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near Matelot, Sangre Grande (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

Possibly one of my favourite hikes in Trinidad. The initial trail can be a little confusing however we simply found a stream which we followed down to the river which had some fantastic rock formations. Be prepared to hack your way through a little bush as the steam is not exactly clear all the way down. A soon as you hear the waterfall you will step out onto what quite possibly is the most beautiful river winding its way up into the hills. You will see a couple more sites like this as you follow the river up. We reached a point where we could not go any further however if you look on the left possibly 100 - 200m before you reach the impassable waterfall, you might find a trail that could take you up and over. We were told that about a further 2 km or so up the river is the elusive Matelot waterfall. My trail however turns around at the impassable waterfall. Was a very enjoyable hike and there is an awesome rumshop in town on the hill for quick stop. Make sure to pet the dogs there as they are super friendly and will often follow you on your hike should you be doing the trail towards Paria. Enjoy the trails!


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