35.35 mi

Elevation gain

46 ft

Technical difficulty

Very difficult

Elevation loss

3 ft

Max elevation

1,153 ft


20 5

Min elevation

1,063 ft

Trail type

One Way




April 15, 2011


April 2011
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1,153 ft
1,063 ft
35.35 mi

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near Big Whiteshell Lake, Manitoba (Canada)

Manitoba’s Best!!
Trek the shores of the many remote lakes in the Whiteshell Provincial Parks Wilderness zone - no motorized vehicles allowed!
Explore the boreal forest and trek through the beautiful Canadian Shield.
This is a 35 mile / 56 km advanced trail, you will not see any signs of civilization for the entire route so pack accordingly for up to three nights of back country camping.
Please be bear smart you will encounter wildlife
Tread Lightly.

1 comment

  • Photo of judekas

    judekas Apr 25, 2017

    A great adventure and super challenging if time is less than 3 days.

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