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Time  4 hours 13 minutes

Coordinates 785

Uploaded January 4, 2016

Recorded December 2015

288 f
17 f
4.47 mi

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near Boca St. Michiel (Curacao)

A long part of this route was wiped when my phone lost GPS -- it appears as a straight line on this map. Luckily, the trail at this point is easy to follow.

This route follows the Biná Trail and the Jamankina Trail to the top of Jamankina Hill. It's not easy, lots of fighting through thorny brush and cacti. But you pass by the Dispersa Lake, which is beautiful, and the views from the hill are nice. To make this much easier and shorter, skip the Jamankina Trail, and just follow the Biná Trail.

After the Biná Trail, the hike goes down to Boka Unico, and then along the cliffs back to the starting point at Vaersenbaai, where you can swim and snorkel.

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