5.27 mi

Elevation gain

2,106 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,106 ft

Max elevation

7,133 ft


52 5

Min elevation

5,044 ft

Trail type



4 hours 17 minutes




May 27, 2014


May 2014
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7,133 ft
5,044 ft
5.27 mi

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near Balë, Kukës (Albania)

Mali i Kallabakut is an interesting rocky outcrop in the vast grassy hills of the Shishtavec area. It sits on the border between Albania and Kosovo, quite close to where the borders of Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia meet on a rather inconspicuous hill. Shishtavec, Novosele and Turaj are high altitude villages (between 1400 and 1500 meters). Some of the villages are home to the Goran people, a linguistic minority of Slavic muslims living in Albania and Kosovo.

Gorani means Highlanders. Visitors will note the neatly cobbled streets in some of their villages, such as Novosele / Novosej and Borje.

Their area is unlike many others. There are not many trees, the views are expansive, and the climate and grazing is good for horses and cattle. There is heavy snowfall in winter (with emerging ski resorts on the Kosovo side), cutting off the villages from the rest of the world. The snow lingers long into spring and summer.

We went to climb Kallabaku in late May, and were delighted by the abundance of spring flowers. The best month to visit, so we were told, is June, when the flowers are at their best.

We started the climb of Kallabaku from a stan near the village of Turaj. The hike is not difficult and steep gradients can be avoided (or taken, for a shorter trail). Kallabaku can be easily climbed from all directions, though the summit has some cliffs on the eastern side.

If the weather is fine, views to Gjallicia (wikiloc #1849821) and Koritnik (wikiloc #2136924) can be had throughout. From near the summit, Korab Mountain appears very close, and the Sharr Mountains beckon.

At the trailhead, we were treated to fresh milk and - on our return - to yogurt by Mahmut Noka who runs an agrobusiness enterprise.His contact is +355684129586. He can arrange mules, horses, parties and festivities, including catering with roasted sheep and all.

For the approach to the trailhead and information on accomodation, see wikiloc # 6950817)

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25-MAY-14 10:29:40

12-Kallabakut Summit

  • Photo of 12-Kallabakut Summit
  • Photo of 12-Kallabakut Summit
  • Photo of 12-Kallabakut Summit
  • Photo of 12-Kallabakut Summit
  • Photo of 12-Kallabakut Summit
25-MAY-14 11:12:14


25-MAY-14 11:41:53

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  • Photo of Gams

    Gams May 30, 2014

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    This is one of the easiest trails, as the entire hill site is open and offers unhindered views while the ascent unfolds. Caution is needed only, when coming down from the summit; the first steps are steeper than the remaining hike, but the Garmin track points clearly show the path.

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