Time  7 hours 4 minutes

Coordinates 1518

Uploaded January 18, 2014

Recorded January 2014

57 f
-64 f
8.62 mi

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near Malabar, Florida (United States)

This hike will take you into the western section of the Malabar Scrub Sanctuary. The trails pass through Cameron Preserve and also enter a section of the Turkey Creek Sanctuary. I visited the trails in January 2014 and found all the trails very well blazed. You hit a red blazed trail for a while, then a yellow blazed trail in the Cameron Preserve. In Turkey Creek Sanctuary you will encounter a red blazed trail and also some mountain bike trails (unblazed). In the Malabar Scrub Sanctuary West section you will find red and blue blazed trails. Most of the wet areas have been taken care of with bridges and boardwalks. The trails pass through a number of ecosystems – from oak woods to scrub. There is a picnic table in the Turkey Creek Sanctuary, no other tables or benches are provided. The complete area is pretty much surrounded by developments. The actual reason there is an east and west Malabar Scrub Sanctuary is that a development cuts right up into the middle of the sanctuary, too bad!
Now the major problem with the trails, they are all shared with mountain bikers. I hiked the area on a weekday, encountering only a few big mountain bikes. Hikers must be careful out there.
For more information, take a look at my website – www.tomchoma.com Happy trails to all, Tom
Mountain Bike Designated Trail
Entrance from road to this section of Turkey Creek Santuary
Entrance available to get into blue blazed trails - parking available
Entrance available to get into Malabar Sanctuary West trails - parking available
Entrance marked for trail bikers
Picnic table overlooking Turkey Creek - kayak launch there


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