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near Vusanje (Montenegro)

Kolata forms part of the border between Montenegro and Albania. Three main peaks form the wide summit, on which one can easily spend an hour leisurely walking around gazing at the surrounding summits.
Two of the peaks are located right at the border, Zla Kolata (Kolata e Keqe) with 2.534m is Crna Gora's (Montenegro's) highest peak. Nearby stands the slightly lower Dobra Kolata (Kolata e Mirë) at 2.528m.
The highest peak rising to 2.556m is located completely on Albanian soil, called Rodi e Kolates (Maja e Koljats) and despite the dramatic views into Valbona Valley not visited as often. This track takes you to it and a viewpoint into Valbona Valley.

The mountain can also be approached from Albania, your trailhead would be either Cerem or the center of Valbona, near the old hotel ruin. For routes from Albania see a separate track (Cerem - Kolata - Valbona).

This one way route starts from Vusanje in Montenegro and takes by calculation (for average fitness levels) 10:45h return, or around 6:30h to reach Maja e Kollata (one way). Add some more time if you wish to ascend Zla Kolata.

The mountain does actually not look very dramatic from the Montenegrin site, it's best enjoyed from either lower Valbona Valley and even more beautiful arriving to Cerem from Markofsh or Doberdoll, for example as part of the Peaks of the Balkans route.

Please note that this hike crosses international borders. While you might imagine that there are not many policemen around in the mountains enforcing this, and we don't know of any case where hikers got in trouble for trespassing, it's technically illegal to cross the border without obtaining a permit from the authorities prior to your hike, and we don't recommend it.

8th highest mountain of the Albanian Alps, also known as Accursed Mountains, Prokletije or Bjeshket e Namuna.

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Dobra Kollata / Kollata e Mire (2528m)
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Fus Sirma Katun (shephard's hut with water)
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