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near Magome (Japan)

Nice and easy hike around rural areas in central Japan (Honshu Island). The Nakasendo trail is the old trade route between Kyoto and Tokyo and the section linking the villages of Magome and Tsumago is one of the best preserved for hicking and sightseeing, a very well-known spot by the locals and also increasingly by the foreigners. The area gathers an impressive scenario of mountains and thick japanese cypress woods along the Kiso Valley. Villages of Magome and Tsumago preserve the atmosphere of traditional Japanese areas with typical wooden houses and narrow streets. If it's spring time cherry blossom can still deliver you more superb views.

You will really enjoy this hike!

Access to Magome: by train from Nagoya (Wide Wiew Express Chuo Line) to Nakatsugawa. From there you have to take a local bus to Magome village, at a distance of 13km and 30 minutes for the bus run. At Nagiso you can take again the train back to Nakatsugawa-Nagoya or ahead towards Matsumoto. The walking can also be shortened at Tsumago taking there a bus to Nagiso.

Walking itinerary: Magome - Tsumago - Nagiso, just follow the very well indicated path with regular signposts.

Effective Time: 3h 47min
Total Time: 5h

The trail is partly paved, mostly around the villages and other living quarters scattered along the Kiso Valley. Another useful tip is that there is a luggage transfer service to send your backpack to the other end of the hike (available from late March to late November, check for this in advance if necessary), japanese are always thinking on everything!

Note1: the trail can be done in the opposite direction but it is recommended to start in Magome as the way up is shorter (2km) and you can enjoy better the long way down through the forest. However, it is a smooth trail at all with only some steep ramps to walk up the ruins of the Tsumgo castle.

Note2: There are two misleading indications in the uploaded track at km 11.7 and 12 due probably to GPS signal off when walking through thick forest area. Just follow up the windy road down to Nagiso.

Castle Tsumago (ruins)




Magome Mountain Pass



Train stop



Kumano Shrine





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