2,169 f
1,696 f
6.68 mi

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near Ribeira Funda, Madeira (Portugal)

This 5 km levada starts at São Jorge. At the beginning you have great views of the mountains and at the parish, Ilha. It's very easy, no danger whatsoever.

The finale is the most wonderful of the all walk. When you get to Ribeiro Bonito (translating would be something like beatiful river) is just amazing. There is lots of lakes that you can go trough jumping from rock to rock. You just have to be a little bit adventurous. When you get to the end of the levada there is a path at the right at the "ribeiro" trough the trees and stuff. This will get you to see how great the Ribeiro Bonito is, with the lakes and the water coming down the rock, there is also a space to rest.

One of the most beautiful levadas of Madeira.

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