9,953 f
1,689 f
29.43 mi

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near Kldisubani, Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti (Georgia)

Between Chikhareshi and Sadmeli through Rocks of Chutkharo; The route does not pass between Caucasus mountain range, it crosses 3,000+ pass of Lechkhumi range between wine-rich lower Racha and lower Svaneti. Rocks of Chutkharo are incredibly beautiful especially in early summer. In good weather you can enjoy the view of Caucasus summits.
PS. Route can be done from Svaneti to Racha (with less elevation to gain). Besides, From Racha it can be done from villages of Khvanchkara, Chorjo, Sadmeli and even Uravi, Likheti, but the best is from Sadmeli. June-July the best time for the trail but it can be done throughout June-September period;
photos by Rati lebanidze;


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