Time  2 days 2 hours 24 minutes

Coordinates 3310

Uploaded August 23, 2013

Recorded August 2013

4,167 f
647 f
21.47 mi

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near Bigriggan, Queensland (Australia)

The lack of surf and a beautiful sunny winter weekend couldn't keep Luke and I in the big smoke. We decided to get an extra day out in the bush and hit the trail late afternoon for a camp on Yamahara creek. We had no set route and unfortunately we drank all our red wine the first night which caused a late start day two. Our original plan was to head further around the Ballow Range and down Snake Ridge but this was cut short due to the thought of bush bashing for another 4 hours and searching for a suitable camp. Instead, due to the clear calm conditions with a full moon, we decided to pick up some extra water at cedar pass and Bivy on top of Double Peak. Our final day saw us retracing our path and descending to Graces Hut and because of our day two laziness and the thought of having to walk the lower portals track again home, we headed up to cleared ridge and walked the 4wd rack to ascend Mt May's twin peaks from the south and down it's eastern ridge to Paddys Peak, exiting via Drynans Hut. The fire trail to the south easily got us back to the Lower Portals car park. I imagine this is on private property; however, along the way there was no gates or private property signs. This ended up being a reasonably tough but rewarding hike. Luke (lukeyglasso) has posted the same hike and has some further trail notes if interested.
  • Photo of Double Peak Sth
  • Photo of Double Peak Sth
  • Photo of Double Peak Sth
  • Photo of Double Peak Sth
  • Photo of Montserrate Lookout
  • Photo of Barney Creek - Upper Portals


  • antyWB Aug 25, 2013

    Hey P, Interesting, innovative and novel route - unhinged even. Nice pics. Peter S.

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