Coordinates 11687

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Recorded December 2017

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2,888 f
5.67 mi

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near Ouâdi Qannoûbîne, Liban-Nord (Lebanon)

Voilà ! A new part of the LMT: Section 7

One of the shortest section of the LMT. You will enjoy walking into the Qadisha Valley with stop to Qannoubine Monastery (small path going up) or Mar Elisha just below Bsharré.
The way up to Bsharré is the best path to come back to the village or go down into the Valley.

From this main path, you can follow several other small path on the left or right who leads to the villages above through old churches and caves.

For more information : (in french)
  • Photo of Monastère de Qannoubine
  • Photo of Monastère Mar Elisha


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