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Time  3 hours 35 minutes

Coordinates 1409

Uploaded February 16, 2018

Recorded February 2018

1,667 f
970 f
4.41 mi

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near Pont Pen - y - benglog, Wales (United Kingdom)

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Route bordering lakes Ogwen and Idwall in the heart of Snowdonia. The first stretch had no marked trail and was very humid, with puddles, rivers and mud. I recommend starting from Ogwen Cottage later on. From the link with the official trail the route is easy, on stones and with little unevenness. At Llyn Idwal, we start climbing the top Y Garn route until shortly before Devil's Kitchen, where the views are incredible. We retraced our steps and further down we continued to the left bordering Llyn Idwal. Then we went down again towards Ogwen Cottage and from there skirting Llyn Ogwen until we got back to the starting point.


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