10.81 mi

Elevation gain

738 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

738 ft

Max elevation

1,834 ft


41 4.7

Min elevation

962 ft

Trail type



5 hours 58 minutes




June 27, 2020


June 2020
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1,834 ft
962 ft
10.81 mi

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near Louette-Saint-Pierre, Wallonia (Belgique)

A 17.5 km hike with the “Lustige Lochtingterters” (LLT) from Louette-Saint-Pierre to Croix Scaille and back.

Croix Scaille is the highest spot (505 m) in the province of Namur, and a 60 m high lookout tower offers an impressive view of the dense surrounding forests. Interestingly, when the first wooden tower was built here in 1914, the degree of forestation was less than it is now, and the tower was therefore an efficient means to spot movement of troops during WWI.

Another noteworthy fact is that the plateau of Croix Scaille is the source of the Houille river. The latter is possibly the most adventurous category C river that can be descended by kayak or packraft in the Ardennes (during the winter season).

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  • Photo of Wallorando

    Wallorando Apr 6, 2021

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    Excellent, I've done this on a sunny spring day - lots of light even in the forest (no leaves on the trees yet ). The pic-nic area at the Tour du Millénaire was pretty crowded (there's access for cars up there). We should have stopped at the Liberté 44 picnic area, it's a quieter place.
    The last bits of the footpath before getting back on the road are not so easy to follow (but it's fine if you keep an eye on your GPS, the track is accurate).

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