Time  6 hours 58 minutes

Coordinates 839

Uploaded November 12, 2011

Recorded November 2011

65 f
-23 f
6.67 mi

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near Chuluota, Florida (United States)

This hike will take you from the Little Big Econ WMA into the Charles Bronson WMA, crossing a bridge over the dividing canal and then down to the St Johns River. How far you get down to the river will depend on what time of the year you take this hike. The day I did it I made it down to the edge of the river. You have two huge WMAs to explore if you elect to do so. You always have to be concerned about hunting in both of these WMAs. Check my website for more information about hunting activity - www.tomchoma.com or http://myfwc.com/hunting/wma-brochures. I suggest you always wear bright colors when in any WMA. Please take nothing but pictures, leaving noting but footprints.
Major bridge over canal
Old gate you have to pass through
Parking spot - I suggest you park outside the gate, so you don't get locked in


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