6.99 mi

Elevation gain

630 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

630 ft

Max elevation

991 ft



Min elevation

438 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Lilla Cross
  • Photo of Lilla Cross
  • Photo of Lilla Cross
  • Photo of Lilla Cross

Moving time

2 hours 14 minutes


3 hours




May 30, 2020


May 2020
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991 ft
438 ft
6.99 mi

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near Sneaton, England (United Kingdom)

This circular tour starts from the Forestry Commission carpark at the end of May Beck Farm Trail, where there is parking for about 20 cars. There is additional car parking on the nearby verges.
It begins with a climb back up the road from the car park before turning sharp right to follow a footpath uphill. There are some stiles to be negotiated on this stretch. The footpath is across open fields, but indistinct in places in some places.
The climbing done, passing through a gate brings you to the remains of John Cross: basically the bottom part of the shaft.
There is then a long hike to Lilla Cross over open moorland, but along a track that is mostly broad and easily followed, but at one point it becomes more footpath-like. There are fine views all around.
Lilla Cross is the purpose of this tour and does not disappoint. From here you can see RAF Fylingdales. On the route back to the car-park, quite close to Lilla Cross is another little cross on Louven Howe.
The route then follows a Forestry road around and through the forest before taking a footpath off through the trees. The Forestry road provides easy going but little of visual interest. The footpath is much better, particularly when it runs close to May Beck. Eventually after passing a very small waterfall you climb up some steps to join another forestry road that takes you back to the car park.


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