3,413 f
2,234 f
8.65 mi

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near Santa Maria Madalena, Madeira (Portugal)

Circular route combining the two levadas.

Levada do Brasileiro has the particularity of leading the water through different levels, letting the water run freely from the top level until it is again captured by the lower level as if it were a staircase.
The Levada has three levels. The climbs from one level to the other are not marked. Use the watercourse as a guide, looking for the detour a few meters after catchment areas of water falling from higher levels.
At the end you will find a climb that will lead you to the regional road.
A dirt road will guide you to Levada do Moinho. This levada is easier to follow.
We first visit its origin and then return to the initial point.

- The route must be done with good weather conditions.
- You should bring food and water, appropriate clothing and footwear.
- Levada do Brasileiro has no guard-rails. It isn't suitable for people with vertigo.

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