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11.11 mi

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near Lençóis, Bahia (Brazil)

Challenging in parts avoid the riverbed in bad weather the trail can be a little tricky to follow and crosses the river in several places (involves rock hopping). Keep an eye out for arrows that guide the way. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to enjoy both the waterfalls! Although the distance isn't so far the terrain can slow your pace, don't let it catch you out. It's a beautiful trail and rewarding trail with great views and wildlife. Be sure to take a dive into the plunge pool to cool down!


  • sandra Monsalve Apr 23, 2015

    A friend and I did this trail on April 13th, 2015. The GPS map was really useful until the point were you have to cross the river. This day, the level of the river was really high and the flow was quite strong. We could not find a place to cross the river safely. Some groups with guides came and they faced the same problem. We are good walkers, but, without the help of one of the guides (his name is Luiz Carlos), we would never arrive safely at the waterfall sossego. It was dangerous, but he's really experienced and he had a rope to help people to cross the river (we had to enter into the water until the belt and he helped us showing where rocks were in the water. Since the water is very dark, it was impossible to see were to put your foot). Please, before going to sossego by yourself, make sure the conditions are adapted, and don't hesitate to go with a guide. I highly recommend Luiz Carlos. He has worked on this trail for 25 years, he's from Lençois and he knows very well his job, which is not only to find the path to the waterfall but also to find the best and safest way according to the circumstances. According to the number of people, an independent guide will charge around R$ 30 per person. Agencies are more expensive. Travelling is not only going to incredible places, it also includes to meet local people and make them benefit from your trip to their city.

  • Photo of Eusa Maciel

    Eusa Maciel Sep 10, 2015

    Do you have the phone number of the Luiz Carlos?
    I will go to Chapada Diamantina at 24.09.2015

  • Photo of iphikkis

    iphikkis Jun 11, 2019


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