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  • Photo of Leitisvatn
  • Photo of Leitisvatn
  • Photo of Leitisvatn
  • Photo of Leitisvatn

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Uploaded March 10, 2014

Recorded March 2014

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near Við Kirkjar, Vága sýsla (Føroyar)

You have two alternatives for this trip. Either park your car on the little parking left aside at the 90º curve of the road. Or park in Miðvágur and enjoy a nice walk and views of the town plus the lake. Walk next to the shore of Leitisvatn until you reach the other end. At Bøsdalafossur you will be rewarded with waterfall where the lake water falls directly into the sea. On the way back, just walk up the hill so you have better views of the cliffs of the northern side of Vágar. Once in the top, walk back to the path you came. Don't forget to have a look at your right side where the sea shore and the lake make a confusing 3D perspective (look at the photo below).
The trip can be done the other way around too.


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