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Moving time  3 hours 10 minutes

Time  3 hours 50 minutes

Coordinates 2087

Uploaded May 11, 2018

Recorded May 2018

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1,370 ft
-14 ft
7.32 mi

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near Le Diamant, Martinique (Martinique)

Great walk from Le Diamant Church to the point of view of Morne Larcher’s peak

The walk along the beach is flat, nice and easy.
The hiking up to the top requires a bit of effort. It’s quite tough and intense walk up. If you are used to effort, it should take you around 45min like me to go up - otherwise maybe 1h30/2h as it is mentioned in some guide books.

At the top, you reach a good view. But the real reward view is a bit further. Take one of the path in the bush on the left, follow it until the end (it is a flat track) where you will reach a big rock, and have the greatest view on the Diamond Beach and Diamond Rock.

Red river


Morne Larcher from the beach





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    paennas Jan 12, 2020

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    Abbiamo trovato una giornata di pioggia e in una situazione del genere non consiglio di fare anche la spiaggia, la pioggia rende ancora più impegnativa la salita e la discesa.

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