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near Middleton, England (United Kingdom)

With thanks to Mark Richards book `White Peak Walks, the northern dales`.
Parking. We were surprised to find we would have to pay £3.50 a day to park at the moorlands car park in the middle of nowhere in the middle of winter. There is free parking nearby (at the start of the walk) or you could park in Youlgrave for free (Waypoints `P`). I would guess these car parks are full during summer and holidays.
  • Photo of seat
resting point
Parking in Youlgrave
Parking in Youlgrave.
11-FEB-11 11:47:36AM
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Resting point
  • Photo of falls
  • Photo of falls
  • Photo of relic
  • Photo of relic
  • Photo of relic
Remains of an old pumping station.
  • Photo of falls
Lathkill Falls


  • cattarres May 30, 2012


  • micheal whittaker May 31, 2012

    relic of mandale mine water wheel engine house. as part of research we visited lathkill dale, it was constructed in 1840 as a means of removing limestone from the lead mines. the wheel itself was huge, a 52 ft-diameter waterwheel. This is reputed to be one of the oldest lead mines in Derbyshire. see link for more info of one of the oldest lead mines in derbyshire.

  • micheal whittaker May 31, 2012

    the wheel became innefective as a result it was removed and the new installation of a beam engine was installed, this was powered by the new "technological advances" of the day, steam power as illustrated on previous image of mandale mine sign.

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