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near Zuidgeest, Noord-Brabant (Nederland)

You can easily reach the visitor centre by city bike. The centre itself is not open during winter, but the watch tower is. The view from the tower on a clear day is incredible. To the north, you see Bergen op Zoom’s Sint-Getrudis church, to the south, you are looking in the direction of Belgium and the port of Antwerp.

Take the short trail to the Kraaijenberg bird observation hut, not far from the tower. Lake Markiezaat is an artificial lake which used to be part of the Scheldt estuary influenced by the North Sea’s tidal conditions. In 1984, the area was disconnected from the Scheldt estuary, and the new lake was created. Today, the water is no longer saline (brackish at most) but the narrow meandering creeks formed by ebb and flow are still visible at the shores of the lake. Lake Markiezaat is the third largest wetland of the Netherlands, after the Waddensea and Lake IJsselmeer, and attracts 100.000 of migrating birds each year.

More info: http://www.mywoodenshoes.nl/traveltip/city-trip-bergen-op-zoom/

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