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near Lake Louise, Alberta (Canada)

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(Canadian Rockies) Route on 09/2015; 13 km; +520 -520; 4.5 hours. Excursion organized by Muntanya during Trekking through the Rockies of Canada with the following itinerary: Hotel Fairmont, Lake Louise, Lake Agnes Trail, The Little Beehive, Lake Agnes. Participants: Anna, Esther, Josep i Miquel; guide: Hugo. Output type: circular; Difficulty: easy.

These days we are at a hostel in Lake Louise Village. We arrived yesterday after a trip from Barcelona to Toronto and Calgary and then by car to Lake Louise. After the trip to Calgary, this first excursion allows us to contemplate the famous lake.

In the morning there is the first meeting to see on the map the route to be done. Today we will take a tour of Louise Lake. The lake is at the end of the glacial valley formed by several peaks, from north to east, following the clock's needles: Mount Saint Piran, Popes Peak, Mt Victoria North Peak (3464m), Mt Huber, Mt Lefroy (3423m) and Mt Aberdeen.

In five minutes we are in front of the lake, where we have extraordinary views of Mount Victoria, in the background, with snow-capped peaks. El Victoria is a 3464-meter high that marks the border between Alberta and British Columbia. The name was named Norman Collie, in 1897, in honor of the English queen. The lake was named after the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta.

With the guide we form a group of five people that we get ready to enjoy the days that we will spend in Canada.

We started to climb gently and we went into the woods. We will often go through wild boar and larch woods that are often very dense on certain sides ... ...

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