• Photo of Lake Lizzie Red Trail
  • Photo of Lake Lizzie Red Trail
  • Photo of Lake Lizzie Red Trail
  • Photo of Lake Lizzie Red Trail
  • Photo of Lake Lizzie Red Trail
  • Photo of Lake Lizzie Red Trail

Time  4 hours 2 minutes

Coordinates 1026

Uploaded March 23, 2011

Recorded March 2011

134 f
-105 f
7.34 mi

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near Lakeview Trailer Terrace, Florida (United States)

This trail starts at the south entrance to Lake Lizzie Nature Preserve and is labeled on the kiosk map as being a 6.1 mile R/T hike. We lenghtened that a bit with some exploring. For example the powerline which runs east/west is not a shortcut. Unless you are in the mood for some heavy bushwhacking. At the waypoint named "Off Trail" we elected to follow the path along the fence bordering the property line because the trail at this point became sugar sand and we also wanted to stop and take a look at nearby Bay Lake. Heading back toward the main Lake Lizzie Trail we came to a fork and as Yogi Berra suggests we took it. I have labeled that "Fork #1." I recommend this trail as it is a shady firm grass trail with some beautiful ferns Along the way. At fork two we kept going east but I would suggest turning north here as it is the better of the two northbound trails. We ended up on the utility easement and had to cross a boggy area (labeled on track) which even in this dry season was a bit muddy. From here you'll get away from the fence line and have a nice easy, although the sugar sand in spots can be a bit tedious, trek to the lake. Once at the lake you will find restrooms and two large pavilions, all in good shape. We hiked to the nearby TerraCache and back then hung out for a bit. In the distance along the lake shore we saw a rather large bird, unknown what species, more than likely a large Turkey. We also saw a Red Shouldered Hawk, and a couple of tortoises along the way. The Lake's water level was pretty during our visit.
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