• Photo of Laguna Encanto
  • Photo of Laguna Encanto
  • Photo of Laguna Encanto
  • Photo of Laguna Encanto

Moving time  one hour 39 minutes

Time  2 hours 26 minutes

Coordinates 874

Uploaded September 9, 2019

Recorded September 2019

15,805 f
13,952 f
2.97 mi

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near Incachaca, La Paz (Bolivia)

A soft hike to Laguna Encanto. Take public transport to Villa Fatima and then a little further to the toll stop on the way to "La Cumbre". Some mini busses go all the way, but if you take the Puma Katari city busses you'll be dropped off several kms short.. From the toll stop, climb up to your left and find your way into the valley that runs parallel to the paved highway valley. It's straight forward from there. Work your way up the middle of the valley 4 or 5 kms. The lake is nestled comfortably between a couple 5000 meter peaks. Just west of Laguna Encanto, it's possible to climb the nearest of these "Serranías Almillanis". Back at the toll stop, head down the road just a little to find mini busses that can get you back into the city.


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