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Recorded August 2016

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near Lacu Roșu, Județul Harghita (România)

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March held on Monday, August 15, 2016
We continue our tour of Romania, and today from Piatra Neamt we have approached the impressive Bicaz canyon. As it happened in the Fagaras mountains, just the experience of traveling along its "Transfagaras" road was worth it. Well, this is not far behind, and is that to get to the "Lacu Rosu" or Red Lake, which is in the heart of the Bicaz Canyon, you have to go through sections in which the verticality of the rock walls, with three hundred meters of altitude, they make you feel more insignificant than it really is.

Needless to say, the corner, like other already mentioned and also tourist, is full of people, especially Romanians, who even choose this environment to take the photo shoot, after getting married. Although only the approach to this point and a complete return to the lake, in just over an hour, it is worth it, if the weather accompanies, as it finally happened to us, we should not stop going up to a lookout to almost four hundred meters above the level of Rosu. We started the tour around the lake in a clockwise direction, and after leaving behind and on the right a series of restaurants, with hotel included. The Red Lake has its own personality, with a red tone, that we did not quite capture and a few trees cut, that look like ghosts among its waters, where people take a ride with boats that can be rented for a few hours per hour . The truth is that it is a pleasant feeling to leave behind all this mess of people and go into the canyon, at the same time that surrounds the lake. The Rosu is not a large lake because of its size, since it is much longer than it is wide, it does not exceed one and a half kilometers, and that is why, thanks to a pair of wooden walkways at each end, it can be traveled without much difficulty, although as it has been said, the majority of people stayed among the kiosks, small shops, etc., and only a few and foreigners mostly came across us. To complete the return to the lake, and once reached its southern end, we will now return north until we reach the other extreme north, because from here we will follow a small path between trees, which without possibility of loss will take us one kilometer to connect with the track that goes towards the viewpoint or Mount Suhardu. This track, which makes the odd zeta, leave it at the kilometer and peak, to take a path on the left, which in a kilometer and a half and with a steep slope ends up reaching a viewpoint where the people who are already there, It makes selfish at the very edge of the cut, challenging the slightest sense of prudence. We, after recovering the forces and enjoying not only the unbeatable view of the Lacu Rosu from the heights, but also of a good part of the mountainous massifs of this area, we decided to return on our steps, to go down to the car, doing now some another short cut by trails that are quite trodden.

d. cruce atajo de conexión con carretera


e. pasarela de madera sobre cola del lago


l. cruce con pista de subida


m. segundo cruce con pista de subida a mirador


n. cruce con atajo de bajada


ñ. conexión con cruce con atajo de bajada


h. borde del mismo lago


f. cancela paso de vehículos


k. cancela en senda de subida al mirador


c. cancela paso de vehículos


t. cima y mirador del cañón de Bicaz y del Lacu Rosu


b. segundo mirador Lacu Rosu


i. último mirador del lago


p. mirador desde parte alta del camino


a. primer mirador Lacu Rosu


g. mirador oeste del lago


r. panel informativo flora


q. pared de piedra


s. poste informativo junto a mirador del cañón Bicaz y Lacu Rosu


j. segunda pasarela puente de madera sobre el lago


o. tumba conmemorativa


  • luisfir Aug 17, 2017

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Una ruta muy bonita. Muchas gracias sextante

  • Photo of sextante

    sextante Aug 19, 2017

    Sí, la verdad es que a nosotros nos pareció una de las rutas más bonitas que hicimos por tierras rumanas; y gracias luis por tu valoración.
    Un saludo

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