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Recorded August 2016

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near Cârţişoara, Județul Sibiu (România)

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March held on Wednesday, August 10, 2016
As today announces a window of good weather in the morning, we want to make a second attempt to approach the Fagaras, to see if this time we could take a walk around the Lake Balea area. To do this, we have returned to take a road Transfagaras, that although it is only to travel it has its charm. This time with good visibility and with the sky almost clear, we have been able to reach the parking lot of Lake Balea. It's 5 hours per hour, but we do not want to miss the chance to get to know this beautiful alpine environment a little better.

From the car park, we quickly cross the road to reach a second car park, from which on the right we start a steep climb that we will have to face. Behind are Lake Balea and the area to which the gondola arrives, which a couple of days ago we saw climbing from near the Balea waterfall. The route is marked with red crosses on a white background, which without knowing the reason in some parts become blue marks, also on a white background. We do know that blue marks correspond to tourist routes or of an acceptable level, while those with red marks correspond to a moderate degree, but that does not involve any risk either. As we go up heading southwest, the forecast begins to be fulfilled and begin to enter clouds increasingly lower and closed than entering from the southwest, from time to time release a few drops. When we reach a fork, we decide to continue the path of ascent that borders the Balea massif, but it will not be our surprise when the clouds reach the other side and cover the whole landscape and a good part of the road to follow. Lake Balea has three possible routes in its closest environment: the first one below and the same edge of the lake surrounds it without much difficulty, the second also surrounds it on a hillside, with an excellent view of all this glacial cirque, and the third that we thought to do goes into the back part of the southern massif of said glacial cirque. And I say we thought to do, since finally we opted for the second option, more conservative but in the end we got rid of the strong storm with hail, which was triggered when we got to the car. Time is not being too generous, and in the end we thought that this is one of those Romanian corners that we would return to kick and enjoy it with much more calm.

d. cruce con recorrido circular de vuelta


a. aparcamiento junto a Lacu Balea


i. cruce con circular larga de regreso


j. Lago Balea


k. paso del lago Balea


f. segundo mirador en parte alta de regreso

Mountain pass

e. primer mirador en parte alta del collado


h. mirador del lago Balea desde el circo


c. mirador a los dos valles y al lago Balea


l. mirador de la Transfagaras


g. roca en circular de regreso


b. roca mirador


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