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near Láfkos, Thessaly (Greece)

We follow the route from Lafkos towards Platania and Promyri. We follow some beautiful woodland paths from the Mikro road to the Monastery of Agios Spiridon. From here instead of continuing to Promyri we take a track through olive groves until we rejoin the Platania - Lafkos path near Agios Nikolaou. We return to Lafkos on this path.
We cross the Mikro road and follow a track downhill that then rejoins the Mikro road.
We have followed a narrow track and take a small turning to the right (sign for Promyri). This road passes by a small vineyard and enters a woodland trail.
This section of path was opened on 12/01/18 by Chris and Kathryn. It follows a route through forest land that was burned by wildfire in 2011. We are not sure if this was an old path, but it makes a useful connection on the Lafkos to Promyri route.
This path is part of an old kalderimi route and was finally reopened by Friends of the Kalderimi in October 2017
The woodland path descends on a section of paved 'kalderimi' until it enters a gorge by a small stream. The stream is normally dry, but on a wet January day there was even a small waterfall flowing.
The path follows the course of the (normally dry) river bed. After a short distance, the woodland path then follows to the left side of the river. (part of this is yet to be reopened, so for now, we follow the river!)
We leave the riverbed and follow the path again.
At this point, the route is signposted in the direction of Promyri. Turn left from the path. After 150 meters you come to the Monastery of Agios Spiridon. We turned right to follow a track across olive groves. This is the turning point on this circular route to head back towards Lafkos (eventually). We made this walk in the January rain after 2 days of very heavy rainfall. It is very unusual to see any water in the steam we had passed along. And even in these conditions, we had found it passable, with the possibility of a wet foot!
Our route passes behind and then away from the Monastery. If you want to visit it is only 150 meters from the previous waypoint.
Walk back through the village, you will pass the bakery, mini markets and Magda's tavern before arriving at the main square with several excellent tavernas. When they are shut, check out Magda's she is open all year!

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    olivestorecottage Jan 14, 2018

    There are so many great walks in South Pelion. We are active in keeping them open and putting up waymarks and signs with our group 'Friends of the Kalderimi'

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