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near La Isla, Asturias (España)

This is a beautiful walk in a diverse landscape. Through meadows and little villages, past the beach of La Griega, a climb and a descent in a eucalyptus forest and finally a stunning coastal path along the cliffs back to La Isla. On the way you will find various options to stop for a drink and wonderful picknick spots.

The path is pretty well marked with yellow and white markers.

The walk starts in the streets of La Isla and the path soon changes into a dirt track between farms and meadows. This path can be quite muddy, depending on the season and the rainfall. In Güerres/Huerres is a bar. Between Güerres and San Juan you'll walk on a quiet asphalt road and pass the beautiful little church of San Juan de Duz. After that there is a path that leads to the beach of La Griega. At the beach there is a restaurant with perfect sea views. From La Griega you'll continue along the coast. First through a eucalyptus forest with a climb and a descent of a little over 100 meters. After the climb a sign is warning you for a difficult descent, but I didn't find it difficult at all and I am not good at descents and was walking without poles. I guess it will get slippery though with rainy weather. You will end up at the beautiful cliffs of Asturias. With new warnings, but it is a decent little path. Might be a little bit adventurous for people with vertigo though. The path ends up at the road you passed on the way up, but from there you can take another track to the left along a wall for some final coastal views and a few picknick tables. This path ends up at the beach of La Isla.


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