ACE Cami
66 33 80


0.44 mi

Elevation gain

95 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

95 ft

Max elevation

4,548 ft



Min elevation

4,401 ft

Trail type


Moving time

14 minutes


31 minutes




May 12, 2021


May 2021
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4,548 ft
4,401 ft
0.44 mi

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near San Augusto, Pichincha (Ecuador)

Easy and nice walk which takes you around a beautiful lagun. It is a loop trail where you end up where you begin.

From where the trail starts to its end, once you have made your way around the lagun, is less than 1km and next to no elevation gain. During the approx 30min walk you will be emerged in the vegetation around the lagun and able to witness the beauty of the cloud forest.

Details of trail;
The trail starts from where you can see a monument at the top of a hill. See photo from trail head. The entrance is to the right side of the lagun on a downward slope.

During the beautiful and calm walk you will find the below main points of reference;

* 1st bridge (150m)
* Intersection turn RIGHT (250m)
* Small river crossing (350m) - remember to wear rain boots, especially when its rainy season
* 2nd bridge (420m)
* Intersection turn LEFT (500m)
Information point

Start of trail

In the background of the photo you can see a monument at the top of the hill. The entrance is to the right side of the lagun.

First bridge


Take the RIGHT in this intersection

Info: the left is a dead end

The sign on the tree is an information point

The sign is on a tree called Elecho, which is a a tree of its wood that you can easily carve and make wooden figures.
Information point

Cross the small river

Note: remember to wear boots to cross, especially in rainy season
Information point

Second bridge

Information point

Sign on tree with number 7, indicating you are on the right way

Information point

Walk along the river

Information point

Sign with number 8, indicating you are on the right way


Take LEFT at intersection

Note: to the right there is only pastures and a dead end
Information point

End of trail

You have made your way around the lagun


    You can or this trail