15.55 mi

Elevation gain

2,454 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,454 ft

Max elevation

4,045 ft



Min elevation

1,845 ft

Trail type





February 3, 2020


February 2020

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4,045 ft
1,845 ft
15.55 mi

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near Guía de Isora, Canarias (España)

10.5 km by bus. 14.7 km walking.

Catch the 462 bus to Los Gigantes from Guia de Isora bus station.
Get off at the Ermita del Santo Angel de la Guarda a little south of Las Manchas.

Walk south downhill along the TF-375 for 130 metres.
Turn left onto a footpath, SE.
This soon joins a wider track, NE, uphill.
Follow this path NE for a long stretch, about 1.4 km.
Don't take the right turn, east, about 1 km up this path.
The correct but less visible path heads north and soon NE again.
Cross a wide lava flow, yet to be colonised by many plants.
Finally at trees, turn right, uphill, east, for just 25 metres.
Emerge on a wide 4x4 track and turn right, south, for about 1 km.
The track splits. Take the lower track, right, SE and rapidly bending right, SW.
Follow this track, parallel with the canal just above for 4.3 km.
The track heads roughly south but bends to follow the canal and contours.
Join a new track and head east, uphill, to visit the galeria which is easy to see.
There was a lot of activity on the day I visited. A diesel engine could be heard from a long way off. This turned out to be a huge ventilation fan to make the galeria tunnels safe for workers to carry out maintenance. The biggest pipe was an air vent with quite a gale blowing out of it.
After the galeria, head a bit south of west, downhill, all the way to Chio.
Cross the TF-38 and continue down what looks like the driveway to a house.
The footpath continues west from this.
At the TF-82, it's unsafe to cross the road on the sharp bend. Head south and use the crossing.
Continue south, then first right, down Calle Virgen del la Paz. This was very pretty.
Bare left, SW, into Calle Atajo which drops down increasingly steeply.
Turn left, south, along Calle Vizconte.
Soon after the paving and concrete ends, turn sharp right, west, and head down the stony road.
The road swings left, south and later SE, and heads all the way back to Guia de Isora.
Head SE along the busy TF-82 for 300 metres.
Use the parallel Calle la Uva to escape the traffic.
Back in town, make your way, roughly SE, back to the bus station.
The main road has good views.
There are two parallel roads higher up through the historic centre.

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Bus stop

Bus 462

Bus stop

Bus 462



  • Photo of Galeria
  • Photo of Galeria


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