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near Las Cruces, Jalisco (Mexico)

This mountain, located on the way from Ameca to Mascota, is covered with strange, wave-like natural formations which could suggest the artistic style of Salvador Dalí or Antonio Gaudí. The walk is steep but short. If you have children along they must be kept tightly in hand because a strong gust of wind could blow a child right over the edge.

There is also a good place to camp nearby. For more info, check Chapter 6 of the book Outdoors in Western Mexico by John & Susy Pint (Spanish version: Rutas y Destinos de Fin de Semana). Also check this article on the web:

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Base of Mountain

Base of Mountain

Park Here

Park car here.


Wide trail narrows to a footpath


Peak of La Campana. Great view. Don't let children wander around on their own.

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  • briannaylor Jan 8, 2014

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Un lugar muy especial que vale la pena visitar, es una caminata muy sencilla. Seguí esta ruta también en el libro Outdoors in Western Mexico.

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