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Uploaded August 20, 2018

Recorded August 2018

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near Kurama, Kyoto (Japan)

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Kurama - 鞍馬 - Kibune - Kibuneyama - Ninose 2018-08-09 9:39

The walk of Kurama-Kibune is a classic. By train from Kyoto you arrive very easily. If you do it in this sense, from Kurama, you can get to eat on Kibune terraces that are over the river (really original) and if you do it the other way around, from Kibune, you can go for a swim in Onsen called Kurama Hot Spring (it is necessary to take spare clothing, because after walking with that heat, you are all soaked).

I was interested in not only doing the most touristy part, and climbing in the mountains. Made the Kurama stretch in Kibune, seen the temples, the monumental trees, the terraced restaurants and the last Shinto temple in Kibune, I continued on the paved road (without a car) until we find the beginning of the road that goes up a torrent .

This runway is signposted (although all directions are in Japanese), but it must be said that it has sections with ropes, many fallen trees and some paths that probably disappeared due to recent flood landslides. In this climb you need to have a certain sense of orientation and not slip between such rock and water. Precisely considering this rise, I have classified this "difficult" route, the rest of the way is very easy. At the top of the path, it becomes more evident and easy to follow, you go curing. In all this second part of the way, from Kibune, I have just greeted another walker, already practically reaching Ninose. Finally you reach the town of Ninose where you can take the train again (paying at the end of the journey).

I have encountered many frogs, one hundred feet black and red really big (that had caught something to eat), a snake that crossed me (I would say it was not a viper), dragonflies, giant butterflies ( they look like birds ...)

If you want to go on a family trip you can take the Kurama - Kibune section, if you want to get lost in the woods, you only have to continue until Ninose.

Health and Legs !!
09-AGO-18 2:39:02
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  • Photo of montagut

    montagut Aug 25, 2018

    Ni una sola ruïna es veu per en lloc, felicitar-los.
    Salut amic!!

  • Photo of capita haddock

    capita haddock Aug 27, 2018

    Molt difícil trobar restes arqueològics a Japó ;-) montagut, aquí ho reconstrueixen tot. Al ser de fusta hi han temples que porten desenes de reconstruccions.
    Salut i Cames!!

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