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near Kurisugawa, Wakayama (Japan)

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In Kii-Tanabe I stayed at Hostel Buddha, it's cheap and the owner speaks some Spanish and it's very nice. I get up early because I have to take the bus at 8 and before I have to buy some food.
By bus it is caught in the area of the train station and it is number 2, about a quarter to nine it leaves me in Takijiri-oji, there the route begins, the first thing is to go to see the pilgrimage center of Kumano Kodo, it deserves It's worth it, you get an idea of what the route will be like and you can take the credential (similar to the one on the road to Santiago), which you can stamp.
It is very hot about 34 degrees and quite humid, this weather will accompany me every day of the route. As soon as I start I realize that I am already drenched in sweat, today is almost all up, in the backpack I carry more weight than I should, this humidity, ....
The road is well signposted and a well marked trail but it is hot makes you continually have to drink and there are not many points to get water, in some points you can find machines that sell drinks, carry loose coins. Fortunately, the road always goes by shadow, forests are very closed and tall.
But the rise of the 1st day was very slow and every so often the body asked me for water and food,
After the bump on the first day I realized that I could not go with the backpack that weighs a lot so I have several options to send the backpack in a taxi to bring the minimum and even go with the backpack but not suffer for the next few days I have to do something with a backpack so heavy the road becomes painful the first climb was very slow even in the descent had to drink how sweat so much the body needs to hydrate.
But apart from this the road was beautiful, in Takajara find a place to rest all the way you find small statues that protect the walkers. You will also find small houses where you can seal the credential.
Almost at the end of the stage this is very close to the road where I see a place where I can buy a drink then I approached since I did not have water I bought water and asked if there was a bus for the hotel says no but asks me where I She calls the person and says that she comes to pick me up, thank goodness, the problem was that it was already 5 o'clock in the afternoon and if I kept going I would arrive very late because at 6:30 it was the obligatory dinner so I It came very well that they came to pick me up.
Accommodation: Minshuku Tsugizakura-oji, highly recommended.
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