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Coordinates 1496

Uploaded September 10, 2018

Recorded July 2018

3,689 f
2,184 f
8.27 mi

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near Kitamata, Nara (Japan)

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The information I had from today's stage is not very good 19 km, positive slope 900 m, maximum height 1245 m., No possibility of getting water in the whole journey, the temperature we still have high, so I decide to look at the possibility to take a bus to the next refuge, they tell me that a taxi leaves for € 230, that is prohibitive.
After inquiring a bit, thanks to the reception of the Subaru hotel, if not impossible to find out, there is the possibility of arriving by bus with several changes and a walk.
I leave the accommodation to go to the bus stop, it is really a van, because the roads are very narrow, I leave at 6.45 to arrive at 7.24 to Uengi where I make the first change. The other bus leaves at 5 ', is actually waiting for the passengers of this.
Now I go from Uengi to Kodaishita and I arrive at 7.59, here I have to wait a bit, at 9.00 the other bus arrives and leaves me at 9:42 in Nosegawa villaje. I thought I'm going to miss out, three bus changes to the lost mountains of the Koyasan, thank you very much to the kind drivers who always gave me the indications of what I had to do.
Well, once the last bus leaves me in Nosegawa villaje office, I took my backpack and started walking along a road for 2.5 km until I got on the road to the 4th stage, that is, I would repeat this part tomorrow. New vision of the Kohechi route.
When I connect with the 4th stage I arrive at a highway, in the 4th stage half of the route is by road and the other one by road, I will be for 1.5 km by road with traffic, but finally I arrive where the road starts and as No, I have to climb a little, but the rest of the stage is down and interspersed moments of trail and road, this part of the road has little movement.
The highest point today was 1124 m. where the temperature is somewhat more comfortable but as low you notice much more heat. When we arrived at the town of Omata I have to ask about the accommodation since I knew it was not in the same town, we still had about 20 ', at today's stage I had no chance to find water. The road signs are fine, it does not have as many as the Nakahechi route but they are enough to not let you get distracted, although sometimes the references of the planes that I brought and the kilometers walking do not match.
Accommodation: Minshuku Kawarabi-so, normal.
The next stage.- 4th
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Minshuku Kawarabi-so


Minshuku Mandokoro


Nosegawa Village, Bus stop




Paso 1125 m.


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