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Coordinates 1998

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Recorded July 2018

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near Hagi, Wakayama (Japan)

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Today I start the Kohechi route, leaving behind the Nakahechi route, today the first 7 km are by road mandatory, part of these I already did in the 2nd stage, so I look for the possibility of taking a bus, in information and Hongu tourism tells me that bus 9, is caught right here and that the stop in Yakio is just where the road starts. It leaves at 9 in the morning.
Well, I decide to do this, and on the bus I see that it was worth taking the bus, part of the route is by road without any shade and it is still hot.
At the stop Yakio I leave the bus and the road starts right there, it starts with a constant climb, this time we have 900 meters of altitude which made it return to have a constant rhythm but with care, we can only catch water once We passed the highest point.
It was not too heavy controlling the water and the moments of eating, I climbed well, it did not have many steep slopes with strong slopes as on the first day, the heat was noticeable at the lowest levels but as the air rose it was cooler and did not have the 37 and 38 degrees from the previous days.
Shortly before the highest point that is 1080 I ate something and it only mattered the descent, just where the water was, totally cold, I stayed cool for a while, continue the descent and shortly we passed through the town of Hatenashi , a few small houses, we put aside points 31, 32 and 33 of the plane and continue straight. We went through a gate, I see machines working in a distance in a river and turn left passing under some houses.
Crossing the river by a Tibetan bridge we will now have to go through a tunnel and we already see the Subaru Hotel. A hotel complex that is well worth staying for all the facilities you have and for your kindness. The whole route is well marked and it is difficult to get lost.
Accommodation: Subaru hotel, highly recommended.
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Agua potable




Hatenashi-toge pass


Hotel Subaru


Yakio, bus stop


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