Technical difficulty   Easy

Time  2 hours 45 minutes

Coordinates 670

Uploaded April 3, 2017

Recorded April 2017

1,588 f
495 f
4.61 mi

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near Hagi, Wakayama (Japan)

This trail is a part of the Kumano Kodo route.

We took a bus from Hongu to Hosshinmon-oji, where we started our walk.

First the trail goes down to a stream, then uphill, and on a mountain ridge where sometimes you can admire views through the trees.

The trail finishes in Yunomine onsen (you can continue to Hongu).
  • Photo of Hosshinmon oji
Hosshinmon oji
  • Photo of Nabeware jizo
Nabeware jizo
  • Photo of Kakihara-jaya teahouse remains
Kakihara-jaya teahouse remains


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