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Recorded August 2017

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7,886 ft
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near Mojstrana, Kranjska Gora (Slovenija)

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Route with beginning and end in the refuge area of ​​Aljazev Dom (Slovenia), where we will ascend to one of the classic peaks of the Triglav Natural Park such as Mount Križ or Kriz (2,409m), and we will also circulate what will extend this route.


To get to the parking lot in the Aljazev area, we must take the direction of Aljazev dom by 908, a road with asphalt sections, and mostly a dirt track, but with a good floor, at the junction of the town of Mojstrana (Slovenia). 10kms approx. He will leave us in the parking lot.


- The route is long, and above all has a last long descent that can become tedious after what we will take route, to take this into account.

- Another option, if we do not want to make the whole route and make it more affordable, is to go up and down the same place, shortening it and making it even simpler.

- It does not present any exposed section, only a section very simple equipped 50m before the top where there is no need for via ferrata material.

- The path is perfectly marked and marked.

- Go well supplied with water since there is only a single point where water is replenished throughout the route.


We start the route from the same ground parking (waypoint 0) and follow the track closed to traffic that leads us to pass by the refuge of Slajmerjev dom (waypoint 1) before reaching a large clearing in the forest, the area of Aljazev sun shelter (waypoint 2) , at the foot of the walls of the great Triglav.

From this point many routes start, we must follow the direction to Kriz on the right (waypoint 3) , entering a leafy forest through which we will begin to gain height considerably (waypoint 4) .

The path is always well visible and trampled, this long stretch of forest is initially dark, but after gaining more height the road will be cleared leaving beautiful views (waypoint 5) , little by little we will leave it to have a first sight at the southern face of another of the great summits, the Stenar (waypoint 6) , just behind more or less, is the Kriz, not yet visible.

We continue gaining height and leave the area of ​​vegetation behind to enter more stony areas approaching a first channel (waypoint 7) , then, after turning left, we will line the channel that we must overcome, and by a much more stony area and also steep (waypoint 8) .

After this we will arrive at a crossroads where we will take the right towards kriz (waypoint 9) , to continue ascending in a more diagonal way, the sections and markings are very visible what will not be complicated in the next rocky section (waypoint 10) .

Then we will arrive at another crossroads with an indicative sign, here we will take the left (waypoint 11) , towards the Kriz and the free refuge that we will observe in a small high visible (waypoint 12) , once in this we have a privileged view of both our top, the kriz, and the great Stenar.

We leave behind the free shelter to continue gaining height, now by some stretch where we must throw help from our hands punctually (waypoint 13) and finally reach a very karstic area where it seems that we are going to lose the path, but following the marks that will take us for the best areas there will be no problem (waypoint 14) .

Stuck in an impressive karst we will find an indicative pole (waypoint 15) where we must follow the direction to Kriz that will mark us at 30min, we follow the karst sections, avoiding sections of larger rocks, and skirting some gap, but always gaining height considerably up to a kind of hill (waypoint 16) , where already the views will be impressive.

Now we take to our left direction to our goal, to gain height on the hill and with our eyes fixed on our top, while, we can enjoy beautiful views on both sides (waypoint 17) .

We will pass by a crossroads to which we will return later, now we go from here to the last section to the top, which in a few minutes we will arrive, but first we have to overcome an easy section equipped (waypoint 18) , followed by a section by a narrow cut like a door (waypoint 19) , which opens the last meters to the top of Križ or Kriz (2,409m) (waypoint 20) .

The views are of the most privileged to the great Triglav and the Stenar, it is worthwhile to stop to observe, tiny, the climbers that cover the top of the Triglav (see photos waypoint 20).

After the rigorous stop we will wait for the long descent back, where we will make a long detour at the foot of Mount Kriz, and where we must first return to the crossing of paths (waypoint 21) to now take the left towards the refuge of Pogacnikov dom and begin a first simple descent, later, at a specific point (waypoint 22) , we face a more vertical and equipped section (waypoint 23) , but that does not involve any problem taking the proper precautions.

We will already spotting the first of the lakes, which we should not descend, after the vertical stretch we will border horizontally this first lake on its right and high (waypoint 24) , then we will continue descending without losing sight of the marks of red and white points , that will guide us through the best areas to the shelter of Pogacnikov dom, before arriving we find a jet of water (waypoint 25) where you can cool off and replenish water, since in the whole route there is no more point to replenish liquid.

After this we will stand at the foot of the refuge, at a point where there is an indicative route (waypoint 26) , also overlooking the second of the lakes, here the direction to follow is easy, to reach the refuge.

Once at Pogacnikov Sun Refuge (waypoint 27) we will lose a few meters to a new indicative post (waypoint 28) , at this point we will follow the indication to Aljazev dom, now we will have to face a new ascending stretch that will surely take hold of us Little (waypoint 29) , after this the path gives us a break and leads us to skirt a large hole and cross a short section carved into the rock (waypoint 30) that will leave us in a kind of hill (waypoint 31) , with poles indicative, where Aljazev dom will be the address to follow.

From here we will start the last long descent to the end of the route, a descent first without too much slope with privileged views to the Triglav (waypoint 32) , but where after it becomes more vertical and stony, we will also cross a section equipped where the higher slope (waypoint 33) , but with the help of cable we will descend without further complication.

From here we still have a lot of descent to look for the forest, the look will be distracted by the walls of the North Face of Triglav, which will make the long and hard descent more enjoyable.

Finally we will reach the beginning of the forest area (waypoint 34) , and in shade we will descend more directly and diagonally to the bottom of the valley, where even after a long stretch through this beautiful forest (waypoint 35) we will finally arrive to find the wide track (waypoint 36) , from where following the indication to Aljazev dom and we only have a nice walk through the valley floor, passing by a curious sculpture with a giant carabiner (waypoint 37) , from here we will immediately return to the area and refuge of Aljazev dom, to return the last meters by our same steps again to the parking lot where we have left the vehicle.

An interesting route that, although long, takes us into the essence of the Triglav Natural Park, with good views of the great Slovenian peak par excellence.


PRISOJNIK / PRISANK (2.547m) by ferrata and natural window from the pass of Vrsic (Slovenia)
VISEVNIK / VIŠEVNIK (2.050m), MALI DRASKI / DRAŠKI (2.132m) y VELIKI DRASKI / VELIKI DRAŠKI (2.243m) desde Rudno Polje (Eslovenia)



1. Refugio Slajmerjev dom


10. Senda rocosa


11. Cruce izquierda dir. Kriz


12. Refugio libre


13. Trepada muy sencilla


14. Zona karstica


15. Cruce y poste(seguimos a Kriz)

Mountain pass

16. Collado(izquierda a kriz)


17. Panoramica


18. Tramo equipado sencillo


19. Cortado en la roca


2. Aljazev dom


20. Kriz/ Križ(2.409m)


21. Cruce sendas(tomamos a Pogacnikov dom)


22. Inicio tramo mas vertical


23. Descenso equipado


24. Vista lago


25. Fuente


26. Poste indicativo, vista lago


27. Refugio Pogacnikov dom


28. Cruce(seguimos a Aljazev dom)


29. Tramo ascenso


3. Indicacion al Kriz


30. Tramo faja rocosa

Mountain pass

31. Collado


32. Vistas al Triglav


33. Tramo descenso equipado


34. Inicio bosque


35. Senda bosque


36. Tomamos ancha pista

Building of interest

37. Escultura


4. Bosque


5. Senda bosque


6. Abandonando bosque


7. Acercandonos a canal


8. Canal pedregosa


9. Cruce(seguimos a Kriz)

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  • Photo of geohector

    geohector Aug 22, 2019

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Nosotros hemos hecho la ruta para llegar al Kriz de la forma que es más corta y menos exigente, haciendola en el mismo sentido de la ruta pero volviendo por el mismo sitio en lugar de hacerla circular.

    Es muy exigente físicamente, con unas fiertes pendientes contínuas que parecen no terminar jamás pero sin complicaciones, salvo un poco al final cerca de coronar -tal y como comenta Furgoxo-.

    Eso sí las vistas desde arriba tienen que ser espectaculares, porque según subíamos cada vez era más bonito, lástima que cuando estábamos llegando arriba se cubrió y no pudimos ver el Triglav desde la cumbre.

    Además nos llovió también en la bajada así que se hizo algo lenta debido a ello, pues la roca se puso rebaladiza.

    Buena ruta, dura pero recomendable.

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