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12.37 mi

Elevation gain

6,004 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

5,620 ft

Max elevation

9,426 ft



Min elevation

3,831 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of Kraton Gunung Kawi - Mount Butak - Tuyomerto
  • Photo of Kraton Gunung Kawi - Mount Butak - Tuyomerto
  • Photo of Kraton Gunung Kawi - Mount Butak - Tuyomerto
  • Photo of Kraton Gunung Kawi - Mount Butak - Tuyomerto
  • Photo of Kraton Gunung Kawi - Mount Butak - Tuyomerto
  • Photo of Kraton Gunung Kawi - Mount Butak - Tuyomerto

Moving time

6 hours 48 minutes


9 hours 18 minutes




June 25, 2020


June 2020

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9,426 ft
3,831 ft
12.37 mi

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near Segelan, Jawa Timur (Indonesia)

I did Mt. Butak as a long day hike, started from south (Kraton Gunung Kawi temple) and ended north in Tuyomerto/Batu. The ascent from the Temple is challenging, first because it is steep and second because the way is overgrown in many parts, but thanks to some marks and with Pedro's or now mine GPS-file still relatively easy to find. Wear long clothes and gloves, so that you can use your hands too.

The ascent consists of two parts - first you will just walk up for 4.3km and almost make 1400 meters in altitude difference. The way starts on the left of the temple and is about for the first 2km easy to see and moderately steep before it gets slightly overgrown in some parts and steeper. At around 2'550 meters you reach a first peak with an Indonesian flag and space for camping and from there you have a view towards Butak peak (2'868m) and the second part of the ascent, which is another 3.7km, but only a little altitude difference. You will first go down shortly on a clear path before you ascend again for a moment in very overgrown territory to reach Batu Tulis (actually its true peak is a bit more to the right not on the way). From there it continues roughly flat through a sea of flowers and plants before you descend into a small Savanna valley. You have to turn right and walk through this beautiful valley and then turn left again towards Butak peak. In this part, you can enjoy beautiful views towards a minor peak, Arjuno, Malang and Semeru. You will slightly descend before reaching another Savanna. From there, the way goes straight up and you will finally reach the ridge and have views into the big Savanna of Butak. You do not have to go down to the Savanna, but you can follow the path on the ridge, passing by a small temple and a cave, and arrive straight on the summit. It took me just over 5h to the peak and I am rather strong in walking up, but had to make many small breaks to drink and breathe…

The descent from the peak to the Savanna is short but steep. The Savanna is an ideal camping ground and there is a drinking water spring. From there to Tuyomerto, it is around 10km, but ideal to go down (and up with camping gear) on a very clear path that is never really steep and mostly quite flat. Around 3h should be sufficient. With a trail motorbike, you can even drive up a big part of this path. Myself, having unluckily injured my knee just before the peak, I was very fortunate that 2 local guys gave me a ride down to Tuyomerto for around the last 6km.

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