6,190 ft
1,737 ft
10.92 mi

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near Krasnaya Polyana, Краснодарский край (Россия)

A very nice and rewarding day hike. Climbing up and down ~1500m in one day is surely a decent workout :)

The full trail goes to Pseashho peak, but the last part was closed (bear warning).

Most of the trail is in the woods, and the climbing isn't easy, but not very hard, and the views from the top are magnificent.

The trail is pretty clear, and there are blue markings alongside most of the way.

We started a bit late (10:30), so finished when it was almost dark, so it's bettet to start early.

Also, the 1st 3km (300m climb) is inside Krasnaya Polyana village, and is worth shortcutting using a taxi/ride, especially when there's not a lot of time.

The lake at the top is a pretty good spot for camping, so this trail can be done in 2 days, but beware of weather conditions (at 2000m the weather is much colder than at 500m) and of bear warnings.

This trail requires a daily permit for the national park (which can be acquired at krasnaya polyana, right next to the trail start)

Highly recommended!!

River crossing bridge


Big rock glade


Mirror Lake (Zerkalnoye Ozero)


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