Technical difficulty   Easy

Time  5 hours 22 minutes

Coordinates 1306

Uploaded April 1, 2017

Recorded March 2017

3,353 f
2,707 f
8.75 mi

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near Kōyasan, Wakayama (Japan)

The trail starts around the Garan complex, the you go through the town of Koyasan to the cemetery of Okuno-in.

Back from the cemetery, instead of going back to the town, you turn right to reach the summit of Tenjikusan. Then back from the hill, you can go to the town (to eat something) and then continue to Nyonindo and Mt Benten Dake and through Daimon to Koyasan.

Be careful, in March 2017 there were bears in the area.
  • Photo of Garan complex
Garan complex
  • Photo of Entry to Okuno-in
Entry to Okuno-in
  • Photo of Tenjikusan
  • Photo of Benten Dake
Benten Dake


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