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near Koropí, Attica (Greece)

(English below)

Όμορφη και σχετικά εύκολη διαδρομή από το Κορωπί στην Τερψιθέα Γλυφάδας, η οποία διασχίζει τον Υμηττό από το χαμηλότερο διάσελό του, το διάσελο της Ντούκας (ή του Σταυρού). Η διαδρομή αρχίζει από την αρχαία Σφηττεία οδό, και επισκέπτεται διαδοχικά τα σπήλαια Μαυροβουνίου, Στρογγυλή σπηλιά και Τρύπια Σπηλιά. Καταλήγει μέσα από όμοεφο πευκοδάσος στην Τερψιθέα.

Towards the end of November 2013, we have completed the creation of a new path leading to the Trypia Spilia cave, in Mount Ymittos. This small section is part of a longer path that connects the small town of Koropi to Glyfada, on the other side of the mountain. The path starts near Koropi, on the ancient road of Sfittia. This road was used until the mid-19th century, where the farmers of Koropi would travel daily to Athens to sell their products (olives, grapes, figues and other). The path crosses the shortest pass of Mt Ymittos, called Stavros (454m). Stavros got its name from a metallic cross that was once installed over there.

Continuing the walk, we soon reach two small paths that lead to the caves of Mavrovouni and Stroggyli. Both of them are quite small. The Stroggyli cave requires a rope and climbing skills to be accessed.. A little later, we reach the new path that leads to the Trypia Spilia, the “Hollow cave”. It is called this way because its roof collapsed, leaving only the arc of its gate, thus creating an impressive natural monument. After a visit to the cave, one can descend towards Terpsithea neighborhood in Glyfada, passing by a beautiful pine tree forest and enjoyint views to the Saronic gulf and the Peloponnese.

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