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Technical difficulty   Easy

Time  2 hours 19 minutes

Coordinates 647

Uploaded February 8, 2016

Recorded January 2016

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3.92 mi

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near Santa Catharina (Curacao)

The hike starts at the water-side headquarters of the Fundashon Sint Joris Baai. On weekends, local kids can come here to learn how to windsurf for free. Walking along the coast, you immediately encounter the day's most difficult stretch of hiking.

A steep hill runs right up against the water and, although there is a path to the top, it isn't well-marked. From the summit, there is a great view over Saint Joris and a strange, triangular rock formation called "The Pyramid".

Once past the hill, the rest of the hike is easy. It leads to the point at which the Saint Joris Bay meets the ocean, and then continues along the coast. Leaving the water, you reach the foot of another hill, and there is good reason to ascend. The cave of Koraal Tabak, at the top of the hill, is very cool. This is a large, spacious cavern with multiple chambers, "doors" on either side and a few holes in the ceiling. You can climb up through one of these "skylights" for an incredible view over the area.

From there, it's an easy, pleasant walk back to the car.

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  • marjavissers Mar 9, 2018

    We did this hike a few days ago, in march 2018. We found the first part really difficult with a lot of difficult climbing. Ofcourse, us coming from Holland, we are not used to hills and climbing but still.
    The rest of the hike is easy and interesting. You see the water hitting the rocks really hard and it is amazing. At one point there is a kind of fountain where the water is squizzed through a hole in the rocks.
    An option could be to skip the first part and walk form the starting point to the cave and then to the coast and then the same way back.

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