6.55 mi

Elevation gain

23 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

23 ft

Max elevation

68 ft


63 5

Min elevation

-128 ft

Trail type



3 hours




October 23, 2020


October 2020
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68 ft
-128 ft
6.55 mi

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near Schalkwijk, Utrecht (Nederland)

It is best to park your car at the TOP Eiland van Schalkwijk, Provincialeweg 1, when starting out on this "klompenpad". The info panel for this path can also be found here.

From the carpark you walk towards the railwaytrack, cross it and turn left onto Tetwijksepad. If you do this walk clockwise, you'll have the least interesting part at the beginning.

Then follows a short detour (which you can skip) along the outer borders of the castle grounds, belonging to the former castle of Schalkwijk.

The next highlight, and to me the most fascinating part, is Werk aan de Groeneweg. See the photos, next to the waypoint, to get an idea. Great for kids as well with plenty of hiding spots. In fact, here you'll also come across short info signs easy to follow by kids.

What follows is a hike along the river Lek, with extensive views across the wide river. When you leave the trail through the floodplains you have arrived at Fort Honswijk, another highlight on this trail. There is also some catering here, and they offer guided tours if you wish.

Leaving the area of Fort Honswijk behind you, you'll come across another fortification Fort aan de Lunet. This offers lots of educational activities, but always booked in advance as I understood.

From this fort a typical "liniepad" follows, lined with trees and shrubs on both sides, parallel to a canal / water and a dike. At the crossroads you turn right onto a narrow path (Bokkepad) along the "inundatiekanaal". The final part starts with a plank bridge and a hand-pulled ferry before you cross the fields with the church of Schalkwijk right in front of you. This must have been a kind of "churchpath" / "kerkepad" in former days.

Having reached the built-up area, turn right and keep going until you hear the sounds / bells of the railwaytrack again and know that you have come full circle.
The path is well-signposted so no worries there.
There is catering next to the TOP carpark.

More info on the web is here:

Castle garden


Wandelknooppunt 61


Werk aan de Groeneweg


Bench with view on the river Lek

World Heritage Site

Fort Honswijk


Wandelknooppunt 6 Inundatieveld


Plank bridge and hand-pulled ferry

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  • Hansz Jan 24, 2021

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Het deel van de waterlinie is echt heel bijzonder. Mooie afwisselende tocht.

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